Personal Purpose

Personal Purpose

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How to Find Success Through Personal Purpose

Finding fulfillment in life is almost impossible without first defining your personal purpose. That purpose will define the choices you make and the journey you lead to live the life you deserve. Based on years of consulting work with the world’s top executives and entrepreneurs, we developed this self-guided, easy-to-follow online course that provides all the tools you need to define your purpose in actionable ways. If you want to find personal fulfillment and bring your best self to your personal and professional life, this course will show you how. Enrollees will also have the ability to sign-up for Office Hour webinars and receive live expert and peer support during the course. 

This Course Includes:


9 Worksheet Exercises

13 Video Lessons

Live Office Hours

Certificate of Completion


1. Understanding Your Purpose Gaps
2. Writing Your Purpose Statement 
3. Creating Your Action Plan
4. Carrying Your Purpose Forward
Total Time: 7 - 8hrs