The Life Changing Benefits of Defining Your Personal Purpose

The topic of personal purpose is gaining momentum - making headlines,inspiring business books, and launching careers across coaching, speaking and consulting.

As described in an Inc. article this summer, the rationale for setting a personal purpose is 4-fold: It integrates who you are; Provides focus; Simplifies any decision-making processes; and, Holds you accountable for your decisions and actions.

Looking for inspiration? See these personal statements by 5 famous CEO’s and it will become evident that your personal purpose is not only intended to serve you as an individual. Ultimately, your personal purpose will benefit those around you - from your friends and family, to your co-workers and professional allies, to even those in your community and extended world.

Even more tangibly, the Review of General Psychology published a paper in 2017 that details three tangible benefits of having a sense of purpose - Reduced Stress, Improved Coping, and Health-promoting Behaviors.

Looking at each of these benefits in-turn demonstrates the benefits of understanding and living your purpose on you and others around you:

  • Benefits to Self: Evident improvements in physical, emotional and mental well-being leading to greater levels of fulfillment across your personal and professional life.
  • Benefits to Family/Friends: Less stress and improved coping mean that you are able to be truly present to those you care about (and care about you). Rather than living in purely ‘reactionary’ mode, you can be living in the present, enjoying the moments that will become memories you (and others) will cherish.
  • Benefits to Co-Workers/Collaborators: Similar to the above, your ability to better manage stress, ambiguous circumstances, and overall healthy habits contribute to elevated professional performance levels.

In a world where many of us are trying to identify and define our path in life, articulating and understanding your personal purpose is ‘ground zero’ to set the foundation for a life of intention. What’s more, creating a tangible action plan for bringing your purpose to life is critical for ensuring you do just that - so your purpose becomes more than purely words on a page.

We First Works not only guides you step-by-step in the development of your personal purpose statement, but crafting an actionable plan for how that will come to life on a daily basis in meaningful, tangible ways. It’s your fast track to clarity, success, and the fulfillment you deserve in life.

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