Purpose in Practice

Define Your Personal Purpose to Guide Your New Year’s Goals

The time of year is almost upon us when we celebrate the year gone by and the one forthcoming. It is an ideal time not only for reflection and goal setting, but also taking stock of where you are in your life and how that aligns (or misaligns) with your purpose in life. 

Webinar: How to Become a Human Brand Everyone Wants to Build

We First Founder and CEO Simon Mainwaring recently hosted a webinar detailing how companies can develop human brands that all its stakeholders will want to build together. The following is select excerpts from the webinar, which can be watched in its entirety here.

Internal Brand Purpose Integration Case Study: VF

  VF, a global house of brands such as Timberland and Vans, recently established its company-wide brand purpose in a way that positions it to be a ...

We First Webinar: How to Turn Your Brand Into a High-Growth Movement

We First recently hosted a webinar where Founder & CEO Simon Mainwaring explored the importance of companies maximizing profit and positive imp...

How We First Training Works For Our Clients and You

Beyond the strategy and creative work we do that helps brands grow through purpose, We First provides in-person and online company training. 

Aligning Your Purpose & Setting Goals with Dr. Jeff Spencer

Beyond defining your personal or brand purpose, establishing internal alignment and setting tangible goals are critical steps to ensuring that your...

Why Your Company Must Define Its Purpose Before You Train Employees

  Gaining clarity on who you are and why you exist as a brand is the first step towards sharing and activating your brand’s value proposition. By d...

Company Purpose in Practice

  How does purpose show up tactically for a brand? How does it translate across different functional areas? How does it drive innovation and, in tu...

3 Ways Defining Your Company Purpose Can Help Your Employees Help Your Business

Specifically, here are 3 ways that defining your company purpose can help your employees help grow your business:

The Life Changing Benefits of Defining Your Personal Purpose

The topic of personal purpose is gaining momentum - making headlines,inspiring business books, and launching careers across coaching, speaking and ...

3 Ways Purpose Supercharges Founders and Entrepreneurs

Defining your purpose, though, can be difficult, because it’s hard to read the label from inside the jar. It's hard to define yourself from outside yourself. So, let’s look at where to start.

Why Take The Time To Define Your Personal Purpose and What Value Will It Give You

More than ever, we are time poor today. There never seems enough time to get everything done and a good day is increasingly defined by simply gett...