Why Take The Time To Define Your Personal Purpose and What Value Will It Give You

More than ever, we are time poor today. There never seems enough time to get everything done and a good day is increasingly defined by simply getting through your emails. Not to mention that a work life balance is harder than ever to achieve and you still need to find time to stay fit and healthy. So who on earth has time to sit down and define their personal purpose? Or more to the point, why should you?

Of all the emotional drivers that define our thoughts and lives, the search for what you’re truly meant to do is one of the strongest. Sometimes it takes the form of dissatisfaction with your job, or envy of what others are doing. Other times, it’s just a restlessness or unease that you haven’t quite landed the job or career that lives at the intersection of your dreams and skills.

Defining your purpose answers this question. It allows you to find alignment between who you are and what you do on a daily basis. It saves you all the energy otherwise wasted on wondering or questioning what you should be doing, and that energy can instead be funneled into helping your realize those dreams that much sooner. As such, finding your personal purpose is vital to your happiness, health and well-being as it allows negative feelings to disappear and replaces them with the joy of answering your calling.

Defining your purpose also allows you to leverage your gifts and strengths to be that much more successful at what you do. Many of us struggle with a work life balance, but when you find your purpose work transforms into living your truth in a powerful and productive way. We all know those people who just seem to have founding their unique role in life and it’s something all of us deserve. So whether you’re an intern or CEO, a solopreneur or global change maker, finding your purpose is the fastest through-line to success.

Beyond the personal and professional rewards, finding your purpose has an even higher level of return. At some point in life, many of us reflect on why we are here and what role we played in the world. When you define your personal purpose it allows you to find meaning in your life and, especially as you approach your later years, significance in the unique contribution your gifts and commitment have made. And in the meantime you’ll be a better partner, friend and colleague in life because you are happier doing what you do.

We all invest so much time in various forms of education and professional discovery, but perhaps the most overlooked and powerful access to happiness and fulfillment in life is defining your personal purpose. We First has been fortunate enough to do this work hundreds of leading entrepreneurs and executives all looking to find their unique path. We First Works is our new online courseware that shares our methodology and insights with you and we’re excited to announce that the first course is: Defining Your Personal Purpose. Guided by the We First team and the insights of top entrepreneurs and business leaders, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process that empowers you to walk away with a clear purpose statement that can inform your personal and professional decisions. We know it will unlock enormous value across all aspects of your life and wish you nothing but success and fulfillment. You can find out all the details about the course here and we look forward to hearing about the joy it brings to your life.