How We First Training Works For Our Clients and You

Beyond the strategy and creative work we do that helps brands grow through purpose, We First provides in-person and online company training. We have seen how essential training is as part of the process after defining a company’s purpose in order to bringing it to life in meaningful, consistent and scalable ways. This allows a business to become internally aligned on why it exists, create a culture built around its agreed upon reason for being and share this powerful narrative with employees, customers, consumers and the world at-large in a cohesive and compelling way.

To enable this alignment, We First holds extensive training workshops that help leadership teams and department heads discover and take ownership of and share their brand purpose. This training ensures that barriers to embracing the work are overcome, that new thinking and behaviors will be shaped around the purpose and that a purposeful culture within the company can be organically nurtured.

A helpful way to carry this progress forward for the long-term is to empower management within an organization to become advocates for their brand purpose as well as shining the spotlight on those who bring that purpose to life through their own work.

Once a company’s culture grounded in purpose begins to take form, We First also holds educational workshops and webinars to bring purpose to life for all employees of a company, locally, regionally and globally, so as to fully activate its potential. This allows employees to be able to rally behind a brand’s purpose not only when they know how to express it themselves but when they understand the best practices both inside and outside their own industry that enables them to create a movement around their purpose that maximizes impact and drives business growth.

We First has held these training workshops for brands like Virgin Hotels, that was looking for an internal culture refresh around its purpose as well as Timberland, that had to define its purpose in alignment with a parent company as well as activate it in demonstrable ways across several regions, departments and market needs. However, the same process and concepts apply for individuals, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses looking to unlock human and/or profit growth through clarity around their personal or business purpose. We First Works is We First’s online training platform that seeks to make these insights available and accessible beyond those participating in in-person workshops or for larger brands commissioning training for their many employees at scale.

The Personal Purpose course helps individuals, leaders and self-starters find more fulfillment in life by walking through a step-by-step process to craft a purpose statement and creating an action plan that allows them to jumpstart and activate that statement through concrete steps and milestones. The Business Purpose course closely resembles We First’s in-person training workshops. After assessing challenges around purpose, the course walks a company through aligning on, building upon and scaling that purpose to create lasting and ongoing profit and impact.

Each course includes best practices and instruction from leading purposeful entrepreneurs and brand builders. In addition, access to live office hours gives individuals a chance to video conference with We First Founder/CEO Simon Mainwaring and Lead Strategist Stacy Anderson to receive feedback or overcome pain points on one’s progress through the course.

Whether you’re just starting your purpose journey or are looking to augment and refine an ongoing pursuit, We First Works is a great affordable option to explore the knowledge We First has gathered and shared as well as execute on strategies and action plans We First has developed through its work with leading brands and entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact if you have any questions about the available courses!