Purpose in Practice

Q&As From a Personal Purpose One-on-one

Last month, We First Founder & CEO Simon Mainwaring shared his own unique journey to personal purpose that led to the formation of We First Inc. and discussed some of the common roadblocks, challenges and solutions many people find when undertaking their own path to making an impact. At the end of the session, Simon answered some illuminating attendee questions. 

Webinar: How Purpose Unlocks Personal & Professional Well-being

In last month’s webinar, We First Founder & CEO, Simon Mainwaring, discussed how a culture of company purpose can increase the health and well-being of its employees. Similarly, identifying your own purpose can achieve the same personal and professional benefits.

Define Your Personal Purpose to Guide Your New Year’s Goals

The time of year is almost upon us when we celebrate the year gone by and the one forthcoming. It is an ideal time not only for reflection and goal setting, but also taking stock of where you are in your life and how that aligns (or misaligns) with your purpose in life. 

Why Take The Time To Define Your Personal Purpose and What Value Will It Give You

More than ever, we are time poor today. There never seems enough time to get everything done and a good day is increasingly defined by simply gett...

Why We First Works?

Our New Training Platform for Defining and Activating Purpose Have you recently taken a step back from your company to understand its broader purp...